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Apr. 9, 2024

2024 Fiberglass Membrane Housing Product Knowledge Training

To enhance the professional knowledge and skills of our sales team, as well as to better serve our customers and expand our business, we invited the Technical Director of the fiberglass membrane housing supplier to conduct specialized training on fiberglass membrane housing products for our sales personnel.

Technicians are providing fiberglass membrane housing related knowledge training for sales personnel.
Technicians are discussing fiberglass membrane housing related issues with sales personnel.
Technicians are discussing fiberglass membrane housing related issues with sales personnel.

Recently, our company successfully held a product knowledge training session themed around fiberglass membrane housings. This training was conducted by the Technical Director of our partner company, who provided our sales personnel with a detailed explanation of the professional knowledge regarding the fiberglass membrane housing market and project certifications. This training aims to enhance the sales skills of our sales personnel and improve our company's competitiveness in the fiberglass membrane housing market.

During the training, the Technical Director, drawing on years of work experience in the fiberglass membrane housing industry, gave a detailed introduction to the manufacturing process and installation standards of fiberglass membrane housing and other product knowledge. Special emphasis was placed on market applications and project certifications of fiberglass membrane housings. In addition, sales personnel interacted with technical experts, engaging in in-depth discussions on relevant issues and sharing their experiences and insights with each other.

Through this training, the sales team members not only deepened their professional understanding of fiberglass membrane housings, but also enhanced their skills in presenting products to customers, addressing customer issues and challenges, and strengthened their understanding of the fiberglass membrane housing market. This enable them to provide customers with more professional and targeted services.

In the future, we will continue to hold similar training activities, inviting more industry experts and leaders to provide guidance and support to our sales team. By enhancing their professional knowledge and skills, we aim to provide professional water treatment solutions to our customers.