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Jan. 16, 2024

2024 Plastic Pipeline & Valve Knowledge Training

To enhance the professional knowledge and skills of our sales team, as well as to better serve our customers and expand our business, we invited the Technical Director from our plastic valves and piping supplier to conduct specialized plastic valves and piping knowledge training for our sales staff.

A technician is conducting a training session on plastic valves and piping for our sales staff.
A technician is conducting a training session on plastic piping systems for our sales staff.

Recently, our company successfully hosted a knowledge training session centered around plastic valves and piping. This training was conducted by seasoned technical personnel from our partner company, who systematically imparted their specialized knowledge in the field of plastic valves and piping to our sales staff, with the aim of enhancing the professional competence and sales skills of our sales team.

During the training, the senior technicians thoroughly introduced the market trends, technical characteristics, and the wide application areas of plastic valves and piping. Drawing upon their rich industry experience and successful case studies, they delved into the core technologies and product features specific to the field of plastic valves and piping. Furthermore, there was an interactive session where sales personnel engaged with the technical staff in in-depth discussions, exchanging experiences and insights on relevant issues.

This training deepened the sales team's professional understanding of plastic valves and piping and improved their practical skills in presenting products to customers, addressing issues, and tackling challenges. This will contribute to raising the professional level and service quality of the sales personnel, thereby further strengthening our company's competitive edge in the market.

In the future, we plan to continue organizing similar training events, inviting more industry experts and leaders to guide and support our sales team, constantly enhancing their professional development, and providing higher quality products and services.