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Sep 26, 2023

Iraq Customer Visit – 2023

As a professional supplier of water treatment accessories, we always adhere to the principle of quality first and are committed to providing customers with efficient, high-quality water treatment accessories. We have established close cooperation with numerous suppliers, enabling us to rapidly respond to customer needs and recommend the most suitable water treatment accessories based on the customer's actual situation, thereby reducing their costs and improving water treatment efficiency.

Today, we warmly welcomed Iraq customer's visit. Initially, we led the customer on a tour of our sample room, where we displayed various types of water treatment accessories, including reverse osmosis membranes, control valves, water tanks, and more. The customer expressed great interest in our products and asked detailed questions about the performance, features, and application scope of each product.

Sales representatives are taking photo with customers in the sample room.

Group photo

Sales representatives are introducing control valves for customer.

Control valve introduction

Sales representatives are introducing UV Stabilizer for customer.

UV sterilizer introduction

Sales representatives are chatting in meeting room.

Chatting in meeting room

After visiting the sample room, we invited the customer into our meeting room and provided them with a detailed introduction to our company's product situation. We introduced the company's research and development team, production process, quality management system, and sales network. The customer was very satisfied with our introduction, expressing great trust in our company's capabilities and products.

Next, we will engage in in-depth discussions with the customer, understanding the demands and requirements of the Iraqi market for water treatment accessories, and based on the client's actual situation, we will devise the most suitable solution. We believe that, through our efforts and professional skills, we can certainly earn the customer' approval and trust and provide the Iraqi market with the highest quality water treatment accessories and services.

In the future, we will continue to strengthen cooperation and communication with domestic and international customers, continuously improve our technical skills and professional capabilities, provide customers with higher quality and more efficient water treatment accessories and services, and make a greater contribution to the protection of global water resources.