Matters Need Attention During Booster Pump Installation

Installation & Precautions


  • The pipeline weight shall not be carried by the pump during installation, otherwise, the pump will be easily damaged;
  • Anchor bolts must be tightened during installation and must be checked on a regular basis to prevent these bolts from loosening, so that the pump performance is not affected due to the vibration when the pump starts;
  • Before installing the pump, check if there are hard objects in the pump runner that may affect the operation of the pump (such as stones, ion sand), or install a filter screen in front of the pump inlet to avoid damaging the flow passage components when the pump runs;
  • For safe use and convenient maintenance, a regulating valve is installed on the pump inlet and outlet pipe and a pressure gauge is installed near the pump outlet. For high-head pumps, to prevent water hammer, a check valve should also be installed in front of the exit valve to cope with sudden power failure and loss of power accident, so as to ensure that the pump runs under the best working conditions to extend the service life of the pump;
  • The direction of liquid flow in the pipeline should be consistent with the arrow on the inlet and outlet sections;
  • The pump outlet cannot be closed to run for a long time, otherwise a bypass pipeline needs to be installed on the outlet pipeline to ensure sufficient lubrication and cooling water through the pump;
  • The power must be cut off before disassembling the pump;
  • Precautions before starting. Exhaust the pump air; check whether the pump piping installation coupling bolts are tightened; start the motor, observe whether the motor steering is consistent with the mark on the top of the motor;
  • If the pump runs in the opposite direction for a long time, the pump will be damaged and the motor will be burned;
  • Start the motor and slowly open the exit valve. Check the pressure of the pressure gauge and the current of the ammeter, adjust the opening of the exit valve so that the pressure and current are near the rated value. When the pressure unit is kg/cm2, the water pressure value is one tenth of the head, and the ammeter value is shown on the nameplate of the motor.
  • The pump can not be started frequently, if the pump is 4 KW below and starts more than 100 times per hour, or the pump is 4 KW above and starts more than 20 times per hour, adjust the control equipment to reduce the frequency of starting and stopping.
  • No anti-freeze measures are taken, the pump cannot be started in freezing weather and the accumulated water in the pump and pipeline should be drained out completely.
  • The pump should be cleaned completely when it is out of use for a long time, and should be stored to prevent rusting and damage.