Four different view of PE filler for softener tanks.

PE Filler for Softener Tanks – Large Diameter for Smooth Filling

PE filler for softener tank is a kind of white funnel made of food grade PE raw material that have excellent corrosion resistance. It is designed into funnels with a large diameter and thickened walls. Besides, its smooth inner surface helps filling material moving into the FRP softener tanks easily without clogging the center pipe of the FRP vessel or causing filling material run-off. It is widely used in water treatment, wasterwater treatment, etc.

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Table 1: Specifications of PE Filler for Softener
Model Compatible Central Tube Size Diameter Color
PEFS-01 26.7/32 mm 224 mm black
PEFS-02 40/50/63 mm 300 mm black
A PE filler for small FRP softner tanks.
A PE filler for large FRP softner tanks.
A top view of PE filler
A side view of PE filler
A bottom view of PE filler
A capillary is measuring the inner diameter of PE filler.
A capillary is measuring the outer diameter of PE filler.
A worker is putting the central tube into the softener tank.
A worker puts the central tube in position.
A worker is putting the PE filler on the softener tank.

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