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Snowate is commercial & industrial water treatment part supplier in China that has continuously achieved growth through relentless challenges.

Beyond a water treatment parts supplier, Snowate will become a solution-oriented company that creates values for our customers. Snowate are willing to help customers optimize water treatment process, improve efficiency and promote the sustainable development of water.

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A series of our water treatment parts, including FRP tanks, membranes, housings and valves.
Focus On Present
Supplying qualified water treatment parts for maximizing reuse and efficiency

Snowate is a young but fast developing enterprise, which supply one-stop water treatment parts purchase for customers to save customers' communication costs, eliminate their quality, payment and logistic worries and guarantee the fastest delivery to seize market benefits and speed up projects process.

We gain customers trust and establish long term cooperation due to our professional, enthusiast and considerate service. Besides, we accumulates a wealth of industry experience in water treatment industry.

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Create Firm Goals
Supplying Solutions to improve water quality to make it more efficient and cost-saving

Snowate want to do more for our customers. Beyond of the water treatment parts supplier, we aim to become a solution-oriented company.

By means of our products line, professional experience and integrated service, we will provide tailored solutions to make the water quality more clean and healthy for our daily life, industry production has enough water to keep the quality of food and products. And our environments develop towards a sustainable and energy efficient way.

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Continuous Seeking
Placing customers' Requirements as our seeking center

With the shortage of fresh water in our daily life and industrial production and higher requirements of the water quality, snowate will face every challenges.

We will work closely with our customers to understand theirs situational issues and specific requirements. We then will take good advantages of our experience, our knowledge to communicate with technicians for seeking more effective and sustainable solutions for specific requirements and application needs.

A site of Reverse osmosis projects.
Win-Win Cooperation
Our Knowledge and Resources Provides added values to customers

Customers' requirements and clean water hope is our developing motivation. We are willing to listen to customers' requirements and bring us closer to our shared vision of clean and healthy world.

We are willing to hear our customers' voice and try our best to meet their requirements with our professional knowledge and enthusiastic service.