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Pharmacy Water Treatment – Accurate & Effective

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Why Need?

Why is water quality so important to the pharmaceutical industry?

Water quality is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry as it requires ultrapure water for the preparation of medications to ensure their purity and quality. High-quality water is also required for the cleaning of equipment or instruments to prevent cross-contamination. Additionally, water is often used as a carrier for some drugs or as a catalyst for reactions. In pharmaceutical industry, the demand for ultrapure water is significant because any issues with medications can directly impact patient lives, leaving no room for error.

Moreover, pharmaceutical research generates wastewater that contains chemical agents. If discharged directly, it will pollute the environment and require special treatment before disposal.

Our company can tailor solutions according to your specific needs and strictly adhere to the water quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry to remove bacteria, microorganisms, ions, and other impurities, providing you with high-quality ultrapure water and purifying wastewater to meet the necessary discharge requirements.

Where Need?

What Process Need To Be Treated?

Medicine for injection

Water for injection

Drug research and development  experiments in progress

Drug R&D

The doctor is preparing medicine.

Pharmaceutical preparation


How can we help?

  • Sand filter system: removing impurity ions for medical device cleaning;
  • Activated carbon filter system: adsorbing organic matter, chlorine and other impurities in water for the preparation of high-purity water and washing instruments, etc.;
  • Softening system: removing ions from water for the preparation of high purity water;
  • Dosing system: being used in sewage treatment to kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in water;
  • Ultrafiltration system: removing ions, organics and other impurities in water for the purposes of medical equipment cleaning, disinfection supply, wastewater treatment, etc.;
  • Reverse osmosis system: removing ions, microorganisms, organics and other impurities in water, and commonly used in water for injection, washing water, wastewater treatment, etc.;
  • EDI system: high efficiency desalination process commonly used in water for injection, washing water, etc.;
  • Ultraviolet system: using ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in water, which can be used in the preparation of water for injection, wastewater treatment, etc.

What goals can we help to achieve?

  • Guarantee hygienic sterility of laboratory instruments.
  • Ensure that medicines are free of bacterial infections.
  • Improve the probability of successful drug development.
  • Relieve water utilization pressure and improve production efficiency
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If you want to design or enhance your water treatment system, or if you have any problems during water treatment in your industries, we will help you.