Several manual and automatic control valves including filtering and softening valves.

Select Your Best Control Valves & Enhance Your Water Treatment Process

In the water treatment system, the raw water should be filtered through several filtering and softening processes to meet the required water quality. Traditional filters need to install multiple valves to achieve different functions, such as filtration, backwashing and positive flushing. There are complicated pipeline connections and easy cause leakage.

Our multiport control valve uses one single valve to instead of complex multiple valves. Just simply convert the waterway by turning the moving piece to the corresponding position to achieve filtering and softening water function.

Multiport Control Valves
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  • Integral One valve achieve up to 5 process needs.
  • Patent Simple but patented structure.
  • Two Options Manual and automatic valves options.
  • Three Models Time/flow and dual model for more smart operation.
  • Wide Range Satisfy commercial and industrial applications with wide ranges of output.
  • Various Screen LCD/LED and touch screen options to satisfy different requirements.
  • Applicability Ideal for pre-filters of filtering and softening in RO systems.