6 different types of pressure gauges

Liquid Filled, Ordinary & Special Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauge is an instrument used to measure and display the value of pressure within a closed system. Characterized by providing accurate and real-time pressure readings, it is usually designed to be durable and easy to read. In some cases, it can also be shock resistance, corrosion resistance, or explosion-proof.

Pressure gauges are used in water treatment systems to monitor and control the pressure of water pumps, filters, and pipelines, and ensure that the pressure remains at an appropriate level as water during the water treatment process, thereby guaranteeing the efficient operation and water quality safety of the overall system.

Pressure gauge
Accurate and durable, strong adaptability

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Pressure gauge, as an instrument in a measurement system or device for pressure or pressure changes, can ensure the system works properly and prevent overpressure or underpressure situations. Snowate can provide 3 different types of pressure gauges to meet customers' various pressure measurement needs.

  • Accuracy It provides accurate pressure readings to maintain the safe operation of the system.
  • Readability It has a clear dial and markings, making the readings easy to identify.
  • Durability It is usually designed to be durable, and can withstand harsh environments and pressure fluctuations.
  • Wide Measuring Range It covers different measuring ranges, from low pressure to high pressure, to meet various application needs
  • Material Selection Available The case material of the pressure gauge can be plastic or stainless steel, to cope with different working environments.
  • Diverse Interfaces Multiple interface sizes can be provided, to accommodate different system configurations.