Several different types of water filter

Filter Cartridges – Depth Filtration for Water Treatment

Filter cartridges are core components during water treatment processes to remove micron grade particles from waters. We have melt blown, string wound, pleated and high flow filter cartridges with wide ranges of filtration ratings from 0.1 µm to 100 µm, which has much better filtration performance than filter bags and other filtration materials. Besides, the filter cartridges have long service life to reduce replace costs.

All filter cartridges are depth filtration which can maximize filtration efficiency.

Filter cartridges are used in combination with precision filter housings for pre filters of membranes and protect downstream valuable membranes and equipment. Additional, the filter cartridges can be used in the polishing system to improve the final water quality.

Various types of filter cartridges as well as filtration rating and end cap types allows them to be used in most of projects, just find the perfect one for your specific applications.

Filter Cartridges
Melt Blown, String Wound, Pleated & High Flow Types

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Snowate can supply a wide range of filter cartridges to make your water treatment efficient and of higher quality. Check out our selection of filer cartridges to find out which is best suited to your specific needs

  • Wide Material Options PP, PES, PTFE, glass fiber, nylon and other materials satisfy different working temperature.
  • Depth Filtration Depth filtration guarantee much higher filtration efficiency of fine to coarse particles.
  • Filtration Rating It can capture fine to 0.1 µm particles, which provide qualified quality for membrane purification
  • Wide ranges of end caps It provides various end caps options to fit different filter housing and equipment models.
  • Protect Downstream Equipment protect downstream membranes and valuable equipment such as pumps, valves.