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Iron and Steel Water Treatment – Ensure Efficient Production

The rolling mill is spraying water for cooling.
Why Need?

Why is water quality so important to the iron & steel industry?

The production of iron & steel requires large quantities of water for processes such as cooling, cleaning, and lubrication. If the water quality is poor, the impurities and pollutants in it can impact product quality, leading to reduced production efficiency, and even damage to the equipment and production line shutdown. For example, sulfur and chlorine elements in water can react with other elements in steel, resulting in decreased steel quality and even failure to meet production requirements. Additionally, organic substances and microorganisms in water can also cause corrosion and contamination of iron, causing damage to equipment and products. Only ensuring water quality meets standards can we guarantee the quality and efficiency of iron & steel production.

Wastewater treatment in the iron & steel industry is also significant. Wastewater from ion & steel industry often contains high concentrations of organic substances, heavy metals, and other pollutants. If discharged into the environment without proper treatment, it can contaminate surrounding water sources and soil, posing risks to the ecosystem and human health.

At Snowate, we will develop suitable and effective water treatment solutions based on your specific requirements to address various issues related to water usage and wastewater treatment in your production process.

Where Need?

What Process Need To Be Treated?

Mill line cooling

Mill cooling

High temperature steel spraying water cooling

Steel belt spraying water cooling

High temperature finish rolled steel final cooling

Finish rolled steel cooling

Steel mill wastewater discharge

Wastewater treatment


How can we help?

  • Sand filter system: for removing impurities from water in cooling towers;
  • Activated carbon filter system: for removing impurities from water in cooling towers and adsorbing pollutants in wastewater;
  • Softening system: for reducing the hardness of water and preventing scale clogging in cooling towers;
  • Dosing system: for adjusting the PH value of the cooling water, reducing the oxygen content of the cooling water, and mitigating the degree of corrosion of steel surfaces; for removing pollutants in the wastewater and purifying water quality through chemicals;
  • Nanofiltration system: for removing impurities from water in cooling towers;
  • Reverse osmosis system: for removing impurities from cooling water and various impurities from industrial wastewater;

What goals can we help to achieve?

  • Improve the production efficiency.
  • Improve steel product quality and purity.
  • Save energy.
  • Remove 99% of wastewater pollutants.
  • Meet industry wastewater discharge standards.
  • Protect the environment.
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If you want to design or enhance your water treatment system, or if you have any problems during water treatment in your industries, we will help you.