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Flow Meters for Flow Measurement and Monitoring

Snowate offers customers a variety of flow meter series, which can meet the needs of flow measurement, monitoring, and regulation in industrial engineering.

A flow meter is an instrument used to measure the flow rate or volume of a liquid or gas passing through a pipe or piping system. They determine the flow by measuring the pressure difference, velocity, or volume of fluid passing through the pipe. The main purpose of flow meters is to monitor and control the flow of fluids to ensure the normal operation and efficiency of the system.

Flow Meter
Flow Measurement and Monitoring

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Flow meters, as devices used to measure the flow of fluids (liquids or gases) through pipes or channels, are widely used in various industries and fields, including industrial production, water resources management, environmental monitoring, energy management, medical equipment, and laboratory research, among others. Snowate can provide 7 major series of flow meters to meet customers' diverse flow measurement needs

  • Measurement Accuracy High precision measurement results that meet flow measurement requirements
  • Multiple Series They are capable of quickly and effectively treating pollutants in the water, thus improving water quality
  • Wide Range Measurement Capability Capable of handling a wide range of flows from very low to high flow rates
  • Online Real-Time Monitoring Provides real-time flow data for timely monitoring and adjustment of fluid flow
  • Easy to Install and Maintain Designed for convenient and simple installation on pipelines or control cabinets
  • Durability and Reliability Offers a long service life and reliable performance
  • Various Output and Communication Options Available with different types of output signals, such as analog or digital signals, etc.