Several ro membranes, nf membranes and uf membranes on the cover.

Membranes for Water Purification

Snowate provides water treatment membranes for commercial and industrial production with varying water quality.

Our membrane covers RO membranes, NF membranes, UF membranes and MBR membranes of different sizes and working pressures. If you want to purify your waters, just contact us, we will recommend the best membranes and related accessories for you. Besides, we can supply the complete technical supports, including installation, cleaning and maintenance to eliminate all your worries.

RO, NF, UF and MBR Options

Request for latest price and products recommendation. We are ready to supply price, recommendation and supports for your projects.

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  • Membrane Types NF, RO and UF membranes options
  • Applications Commercial and industrial applications
  • Efficient Efficient can block all contaminants out and allow water enter only.
  • Easy cleaning Technical support of cleaning and maintenance for you
  • Economical Supply membranes with competitive price for your market