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Manufacturing Water Treatment – Supply Qualified Water

Clean the car body in an all-round way
Why Need?

Why is water quality so important to the manufacturing industry?

Water quality plays a crucial role in the manufacturing industry. For example, in the process of car manufacturing, water is used for cleaning and cooling components, as well as for surface treatments such as electroplating or paint spraying. However, if the water quality is poor, the pollutants and impurities in it may have a negative impact on the components and coatings during the manufacturing process, thus affecting the quality and performance of the products. Therefore, the quality of water directly affects the production efficiency and quality of the manufacturing industry.

At the same time, the manufacturing industry is a complex industry involving multiple processes. Among them, cooling, cleaning, and painting processes may generate some industrial wastewater. The difficulty in treating industrial wastewater in manufacturing lies in the fact that different mechanical manufacturing projects require different wastewater treatment processes. Common wastewater treatment methods include physical treatment, chemical treatment, and biological treatment. To address this challenge, our company can provide different filtration systems like sand filter system to remove impurities from wastewater through physical treatment. Alternatively, we can set up a dosing system to remove harmful substances from wastewater through chemical and biological treatments. We will tailor the solution based on your specific needs to ensure that the wastewater discharge meets relevant national standards and regulations.

Where Need?

What Process Need To Be Treated?

Water is used to clean the car.


The worker is painting the door.


The whole car is immersed into the paint pool.

Overall painting

A cooling tower



How can we help?

  • Multimedia filter system: for removing particulate impurities, iron and manganese ions from wastewater.
  • Activated carbon filter systems: for removing impurity particles from production coolant and filtering industrial sewage impurities;
  • Softening system: cooling water; cleaning water;
  • Dosing system: for removing various ions and organic impurities in production wastewater through various chemicals;
  • Ultrafiltration system: for equipment cooling water filtration; removal of impurities from wastewater in production and manufacturing;
  • Reverse osmosis system: removal of various ions, organic matter and other impurities in production wastewater;

What goals can we help to achieve?

  • Improve the manufacturing product quality.
  • Mitigate water waste.
  • Achieve wastewater reuse.
  • Reduce pollution discharge.
  • Meet wastewater discharge standards.
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If you want to design or enhance your water treatment system, or if you have any problems during water treatment in your industries, we will help you.