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Daily Water Treatment – Guard Your Health

3 cups of drinking water taken from direct drinking water pipes
Why Need?

Why is water quality so important to our daily life?

Water is ubiquitous in daily life and is one of the essential substances for human survival. The quality of drinking water is crucial. If the water we drink or use for cooking contains harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and organic compounds, it can have an adverse effect on our bodies and even lead to diseases in serious cases.

The quality of water used in daily life also has a direct or indirect impact on the corrosion and damage to pipelines and equipment. Factors such as hardness, pH value, and chlorine content accelerate the aging and clogging of pipelines and equipment, thus increasing the cost of equipment maintenance and replacement.

In addition, water quality also affects our daily household items. For example, water with high hardness can leave scale when cleaning dishes and glasses, and it can make clothes hard instead of soft when washing.

Where Need?

What Process Need To Be Treated?

A cup is used to accommodate drinking water.

Drinking water

Water flows into the rice cooker.


Water is used to water flowers.

Watering flowers

The shower water is coming out of the nozzle.


A mop is used to clean the water on the floor.


A person is washing hands under a tap.

Washing hand


How can we help?

  • Sand filter system. for removing impurities and particles from well water;
  • Activated carbon filter system. for removing impurities and odors from well water;
  • Softening system: for removing calcium and magnesium ions, softening drinking water and preventing pipe corrosion and scaling;
  • Dosing system: used in water purifiers to remove excessive harmful ions in water pipelines;
  • Ultrafiltration system: used in water purifier filter cartridge to remove various impurity ions;
  • Nanofiltration system: used in water purifier filter cartridges to remove various impurity ions;
  • Reverse osmosis system: for removing all kinds of impurities in water, purifying drinking water;

What goals can we help to achieve?

  • Make eating and drinking healthier.
  • Avoid skin allergy problems and reduce skin disease.
  • Make clothes softer.
  • Improve life quality.
  • Reduce the risks of pipeline clogging or corrosion.
  • Reduce equipment maintenance costs.
  • Develop whole house water purification system.
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If you want to design or enhance your water treatment system, or if you have any problems during water treatment in your industries, we will help you.