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Oil & Gas Water Treatment – Supply Qualified Water

Surface oil extraction equipment
Why Need?

Why is water quality so important to the oil & gas industry?

In the oil and gas industry, the extraction process requires a significant amount of water. High-pressure water jet-assisted rock breaking technology is a new method that utilizes water to effectively prevent gas explosions in mine shafts. Injecting water into oil reservoirs during extraction can enhance the production rate and recovery efficiency. In the case of natural gas extraction, a large amount of water and chemicals are injected at high pressure into rock formations to induce fracturing. However, these processes can pose risks of explosions and collapses if the water contains particulate impurities or toxic substances.

Furthermore, in the natural gas and oil extraction process, it generates substantial amounts of wastewater containing chemicals and heavy metals. This wastewater requires treatment before discharge to avoid environmental pollution.

Our company offers mature water treatment solutions that can mitigate the risk of mine explosions, improve extraction rates, and address heavy metal impurities in wastewater. We can help you overcome these challenges effectively.

Where Need?

What Process Need To Be Treated?

Water injection assisted crude oil extraction

Water injection extraction

Inject water to fracture rock formations and extract natural gas

Hydraulic fracturing


How can we help?

  • Sand filter system: for removing impurities from mining injection water;
  • Activated carbon filter system: for removing heavy metals and impurities from wastewater;
  • Softening system: for reducing water hardness and preventing mining equipment from scale clogging;
  • Dosing system: being used in the hydraulic fracturing process during natural gas extraction;
  • Ultrafiltration system: for removing heavy metals and impurities from wastewater to meet discharge requirements;
  • Reverse osmosis system: for removing various impurity ions from wastewater to meet discharge requirements;
  • EDI system: high efficiency desalination process commonly used in water for injection, washing water, etc.;
  • Ultraviolet system: using ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in water, which can be used in the preparation of water for injection, wastewater treatment, etc.

What goals can we help to achieve?

  • Assist oil and gas extraction.
  • Increase the extraction efficiency.
  • Reduce the risk of extraction.
  • Save energy.
  • Remove wastewater pollutants.
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If you want to design or enhance your water treatment system, or if you have any problems during water treatment in your industries, we will help you.