Several different colors and sizes of FRP tanks.

FRP Tanks for Filtration & Softening Systems

Snowate provides universal and tanks with upper filling port/lower discharge port for residential, commercial and industrial water treatment projects.

The FRP tanks are easy to operate, user friendly and low maintenance costs, which is regarded as the most energy-efficient filtration system.

FRP tanks can contain different media, including ion exchange resin, quartz sand, activated carbon and other media to remove biological harmful contaminants and satisfy different water quality treatment requirements.

FRP Tanks
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Snowate can supply standard and custom FRP tanks to make your water treatment efficient and higher quality. Check out our selection of water treatment tanks to find which is best suited for your specific needs.

  • Quick Response Able to open or close within milliseconds, suitable for applications that require fast control
  • Various Control Modes Can achieve direct-acting normally closed, normally open, pilot-operated normally closed, normally open control modes, etc.
  • Strong Adaptability Different valve bodies and sealing materials can be selected according to different media
  • Highly automated Can be used in conjunction with various sensors and control systems to achieve automation control
  • Easy installation Generally designed with standard interfaces, can be easily installed in various pipeline systems
  • Energy-saving Only consumes energy when switching states, low energy consumption when in a stable state
  • Simple and reliable Relatively simple structure, low failure rate, easy maintenance, high reliability
  • Wide applicability Can be used for controlling various media such as gas, liquid, and steam