How to Choose the Right Brine Tank Quickly?

Brine tanks are made of PE materials, featuring good toughness, easy to clean, economical and durable, good resistant to heat and frozen, easy to install and move. The brine tank is filled with softening salt to regenerate saturated ion exchange resins in the softener tanks. You may choose the right brine tank from the following aspects.

Brine Tank Capacity
  • Round (rational molding): 60 L – 3000 L
  • Square (blow molding): 70 L – 100 L
Amount of Renewable Resin
Brine Tank Selection by the Amount of Renewable Resin
Amount of Renewable Resin Brine Tank Model
45 L YX-70L
65 L YX-100L
100 L YX-145L
135 L YX-200L
255 L YX-350L
365 L YX-500L
530 L YX-750L
730 L YX-1000L
1090 L YX-1500L
1445 L YX-2000L
2170 L YX-3000L
Maximum Resin Tank Capacity
Brine Tank Selection by Maximum Resin Tank Capacity
Maximum Resin Tank Capacity Brine Tank Model
1054 YX-70L
1252 YX-100L
1465 YX-145L
1665 YX-200L
2162 YX-350L
3065 YX-500L
3072 YX-750L
3672 YX-1000L
4872 YX-1500L
6079 YX-2000L
8079 YX-3000L
Salt Valve
Brine Tank Selection by Salt Valve
Salt Valve Brine Tank Model
F1600/F434/F434W YX-70L
F1700/F454 YX-350L
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