How to Install Brine Tank Correctly?

Installation & Precautions

Water softener brine tank consists of salt valve, salt well, union nut, overflow elbow, brine tank, brine grate, salt grid plate and brine tank cover. Follow the following steps to assemble your own brine tank.

  1. Assemble the brine grate and bracket first, the brine well is preinstalled on the brine grate;
  2. Place the assembled brine grate in the PE brine tank;
  3. Use the retaining ring to connect the overflow elbow, fix the overflow line and brine well.
  4. Adjust the salt valve buoy to control the water level according to actual requirements and put the salt valve into the salt well;
  5. Insert the pipe from the brine suction port into the salt well and connect it with salt valve;
  6. Place the salt well cover and brine tank cover and the brine tank assembly is finished.