6 different types of filter nozzles

Filter Nozzle Ensures Uniform Water Distribution

Filter Nozzle is a key water treatment component, widely used in various water treatment systems, such as filters, ion exchangers and water softeners. Its main function is to ensure uniform water distribution, while preventing filter media or resin particles from being carried away by the water flow. The efficient filtration and uniform distribution function of the water cap is crucial to the operating efficiency and stability of the system. It not only improves the water treatment effect, but also extends the service life of the system.

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Two different types of long arm with double flow filter nozzles

Long Arm with Double Flow Filter Nozzle

One common filter nozzle

Common Filter Nozzle

One disc type filter nozzle

Disc Type Filter Nozzle

One double head filter nozzle

Double Head Filter Nozzle

One concrete filter nozzle

Concrete Filter Nozzle

Three different types of other filter nozzle

Other Filter Nozzle


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