Matters Need Attention During FRP Tank Packing

Package & Shipping

FRP tanks shall be stored with the package before installation. Do not open the package before installation.

FRB tank is attached with a label indicating mode and trademark.

Each our product is attached with a label indicating its model, pressure and attention.

A worker is measuring the levelness of FRP tank.

We will use a ruler to measure the levelness of the FRP tank and then pack the tank after confirming the tank levelness is correct;

Several cartons of small FRP tanks are piled in the warehouse.

Packaging of small diameter FRP tanks in cartons.

Several large diameter FRP tanks are packed with cartons and plastic cloth.

Packaging for the larger diameter FRP tanks is plastic bubble wrap.

A device is loading FRP tanks into container.

The maximum space is utilized and the product is put into the container in perfect condition.