Enterprise Culture Guides Us Forward

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  • Better Products

    Constantly strive and integrate our resources to provide our customers with the best portfolio of water treatment parts.

  • Better Solutions

    Analyze existing problems and propose solutions to continuously improve the performance of water treatment systems.

  • Better Future

    Use our expertise to make our water purer and healthier, we strive to contribute to create a better future.


Snowate aims to become a solution-oriented company to promote the sustainable development of water

We connect solutions to water treatment for a clean future
  • Solutions

    Solution refers to the wealth of water treatment parts, technologies, selection guides and installation tips we need to accumulate and spread to our customers in the future.

  • Connect to Water Treatment

    Snowate will take good advantages of our knowledge and experience to help customers increase water treatment efficiency.

  • Clean Future

    Snowate will try our best to make best of existing water resources and improve water quality and make our water more clean and healthy.

Core Values
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Customer Focus

Customers' request is the motivation of Snowate. We will try our best to supply qualified products and solutions to meet their needs.

  • One-Stop Purchase

    What our customers need is what we supply to save customers time and cost and eliminate their worries.

  • Tailored Solutions

    We will transform ourselves into a solution-oriented company to optimize water treatment process and increase efficiency.

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Honesty is the most basic commitment to our customers. We believe that only the cooperate based on good faith can lead to further and longer cooperation.

  • Strict Business Process

    Each process of our orders will be held at the agreed time and the latest process will be updated at the first time.

  • Quickly Response to Complaint

    We will confirm and propose solutions to the complaint quickly within 8 hours.

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Snowate's development relies on the respectful collaborations.

  • Respect and Inspire

    We respect and inspire our members to speak out their ideas freely.

  • One Goal

    We create synergy by collaborating with our customer to achieve our common goals of better future.

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Snowate will obey and promote the strategy of sustainable development.

  • Comply to Standard

    All our supplied products comply to industrial and international standard as well as environmentally protection policies.

  • Optimize Process

    Our solutions can optimize water treatment process and increase efficiency to make best of our limited water resources.