How to Find Problems and Solve it During Softening System

Troubles & Solutions

During softening system running, there are several problems may occur, here we list the most common reasons and solutions to different problems. You can check them and find the best solution. You can also contact with our professionals technicians for help.

Problems, Reasons and Solutions
Problems Reasons Solutions
Water Softener Does Not Regenerate Automatically
  • Interruption of system power supply
  • Check for proper power supply
  • Incorrectly set regeneration parameters
  • Reset regeneration parameters
  • Power adapter damaged
  • Check and replace the adapter
  • Main control board damaged
  • Check or replace the motor
  • Valve core stuck
  • Check the valve core
  • Turbine in the flowmeter is stuck or has rust
  • Remove the flowmeter and flush with water, if it still cannot rotate, replace the flowmeter
  • Inaccurate flow meter
  • Inspect flowmeter and pipeline system
Cannot regenerate as the setting time Incorrectly set time at the current Check and reset the current time
Power outage is more than three days, so the current time is incorrect Reset the current time
Effluent water hardness consistently exceeds the standard Bypass valve opened or leaked Close, inspect and maintain the bypass valve
Salt tank is too small or less salt in the salt tank Ensure that the salt tank is full and that there is sufficient solid salt in the salt tank
Jet clogging Clean or replace the injector.
Inadequate brine of the salt tank Check the brine time and level after brine
Leakage of central pipe O ring Ensure that the central tube and the О-ring are in good condition.
Internal water fouling of the valve body Check and repair the valve body or replace it
Incorrect regeneration time setting or raw water quality becomes worse Correct setting and adjustment of regeneration time or cycle volume
Insufficient amount of resin Add resin to the appropriate level and identify the cause of resin loss
Poor raw water quality or flowmeter impeller stuck Reduce turbidity of incoming water, clean or replace flow meters
Water output significantly reduce or even no water output Top water distributor is heavily clogged with suspended matters Add pre-filters to control the incoming water turbidity <5FTU.
Increase backwash strength.
Remove the resin and clean if necessary
Large amount of broken resin Replace resins
Running time is too long to resin layer is compacted. Shorten running times and strengthen backwashing appropriately.
Floating bed resin has not cleaned for a long time. Remove the resin from the tank, clean it and put it back in
High chloride content in the effluent Injector malfunction or with inclusions Clean or overhaul the injector
Brine control valve cannot close Overhaul or cleaning the control valve
Salt absorption time is too long, resulting in too short washing time. Or the wash time is set too short. reasonable setting of salt tank filling water time (control the brine level at the right level), brine time, slow wash time and wash time
Cycles of water production decreased (not yet reached the set amount of water production or running time, the output water failure ahead) regeneration set is incorrect. Reset and regenerate according to the correct requirements.
Resin is oxidative deterioration Regenerate or replace resin.
backwash is not thorough enough, resin is contaminated with suspended matters to cause caking and overflow Increase the backwash flow and time as appropriate. If the incoming water turbidity is large, Add pre-filters before softener.
Poor regeneration performance due to incorrect salt setting Reset the salt amount appropriately to improve regeneration performance.
Incorrectly set of hardness or exchange capacity. Recalculated and set based on assay results.
Insufficient height of resin layer Check resin loss reason and increase the filling amount of resin.
Bad feeding water quality. Instantaneous regeneration manually and reset the regeneration cycles or water production
Turbine in flow meter is stuck. Repair or replace turbine
incorrectly matched injector and tank Choose the right injector as the instruction.
Water pressure loss or rust in the pipeline Iron elements buildup in the water softener or in the pipeline. Clean water softener and pipeline
High iron content in raw water, causing resin contaminated. Add iron removal filters in softening system.
No water comes out when backwashing inlet and outlet are connected backwards Rearrange inlets and outlets
Upper water distributor is blocked Clean or replace the upper water distributor
The inlet system is disconnected Check the water supply system or solenoid valves, etc.
Unsuitable drainage restrictor ring and high backwash strength Replace with suitable restrictor ring.
Continuous drainage from the drain port of the flat valve Internal water run-off in the valve body Check and repair the valve body or replace it
Power failure during backwash or wash Turn to Run position Manually or close the bypass valve and open it again when the power supply is normal
High water pressure and valve is not in place Reduce water pressure or set pressure relief line to relieve pressure
Continuous drainage from the drain of the piston valve Inlet water pressure is too low, below 0.2 MPa Improve system inlet pressure to required data.
Drain pipe is too long or with back pressure Disconnect the distribution valve drain from the main drain and discharge directly to atmosphere
Blocked inlet or outlet pipe of the control valve Check and clean the inlet and drain pipe of control valve.
Diaphragm pump damage Replace diaphragm pump
The turbidity of the incoming water is too high, causing the piston of the valve body to be pulled out or foreign objects to enter the valve body Add a pleated filter to the incoming water to ensure the incoming water quality.
No salt absorption Low water inlet pressure Add booster pump and adjust the water pressure to required data.
Salt suction line is clogged or suction line is too long Check the pipeline and remove the blockage. keep the salt suction pipe as short as possible and do not use fine salt to avoid blockage of the salt suction pipe
C. The salt solution tube is not sealed, allowing air to enter the salt solution tube (bubbles are produced) C. Check and seal the joints of the salt water pipe
D. Clogged or faulty jet streamers D. Cleaning or replacing the injector
E. Internal water movement in control valves E Check and repair or replace the control min
F Poor drainage (drains too long, etc.) F. Checking the drainage pipes
G. Clogging of the water distributor by impurities G Clear impurities (broken resin, sediment, etc.) that block the water distributor
H jet and drainage restrictor ring not compatible with the tank H with optional jet and drainage restrictor ring as per instructions
J Control valve with ball valve Ball valve not open J Check and repair or replace ball valves or connection lines