Select Your Required Control Valves

multiport control valves are crucial parts to filtering and softening processes. Right selection decide the performance and efficiency of water treatment. Here, we will guide you select control valves step by step.

Determine the purpose.

Control valves are commonly used in the pre-filters in water treatment system. Determine your purpose is the first step to select the right control valves.

  1. Filtering.
    1. Activated carbon filtering.
    2. Sand filtering.
    3. Other filtering.
  2. Softening
Determine the output.

The output is important to decide which tanks, distributors and control valves should be selected.

Determine the tank size.

The tank size can be determined according to the water output.

According to the formula: Q=πr2×V it can be deduced that the FRP tank diameter D2=4×Q/πV.

In general, the softening flow rate (V) is 20 m/h and the filtering flow rate (V) is 10 m/h. it is best to provide the accurate flow rate of equipment running

Determine the control valves model.

According the process requirements and budget to select the appropriate control valve for filtering and softening.

  1. Time model. Setup the valves according to times of different stage.
  2. Flow mode. Setup the valves according to the flow requirements of different stage.
  3. Time/flow dual model. It supplies more smart option for water treatment. It can cover more applications and equipment better.
Determine control valve.

Determine the control valve according to the Selection Table of Tanks, Distributors and Control Valves, to determine the control valve.the volume of water produced, the installation method, the interface size, etc.

For example, customer wants to purchase the control valves for his activated carbon filtering system. And the water output requirement is 10 m3/h and the flow rate is 15 m/h.

  1. Determine the tank size.
    D2=4×Q/πV, D2=4*10/3.14*15=0.85 m
    D≈0.92 m
    According to tank sizes chart, the FRP tank can select the 4065-4"-4" model.
  2. Determine the control valves model
    To guarantee the flexibility and durability of system running, we recommend the time/flow dual model control valves for customer.
  3. Determine control valve.
    According to the Selection Table of Tanks, Distributors and Control Valves, we recommend the GL-20 control valves for customer.
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