6 different types of fleck control valves

Fleck Control Valve Can Realize Automated Operation

Fleck control valve is a highly efficient and reliable fluid control device. Its multifunctional design, easy maintenance, intelligent control and other features make it a leading product in the market, occupying an important position in water treatment in residential, commercial and industrial fields, and is an ideal choice for achieving efficient water treatment.

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A BR series fleck control valve

BR Series

A 5600 series fleck control valve

5600 Series

A 5000 series fleck control valve

5000 Series

A 2510 series fleck control valve

2510 Series

A 2750 series fleck control valve

2750 Series

A 2850 series fleck control valve

2850 Series

A 3150 series fleck control valve

3150 Series

A 2900 series fleck control valve

2900 Series

A 3900 series fleck control valve

3900 Series

A 9100 series fleck control valve

9100 Series

A 9000 series fleck control valve

9000 Series

A 9500 series fleck control valve

9500 Series

  • Small civil uses and small and medium-sized water treatment system uses. It is mainly used in civil (homes and apartments) water softeners and water purifiers, and can achieve automatic softening and backwashing functions. It can also be used in small water treatment systems and pre-treatment systems of commercial reverse osmosis equipment.
  • Single piston commercial and industrial uses. It is mainly used in commercial and industrial water treatment facilities, and can realize automatic softening and back-washing functions. It is more suitable for single-tank systems, and can also be combined into double-tank or multi-tank systems for simultaneous operation and easy regeneration. It can be used for softeners like boilers, filters and pre-treatment systems of reverse units.
  • Dual piston commercial and industrial uses. It is mainly used in industrial-grade high-flow continuous water treatment systems for softening and filtration equipment. The double-control hydraulically balanced piston ensures continuous water supply, stable switching of inlet and outlet water and superior performance.
  • Dual tank continuous operation system uses. It is especially suitable for continuous operation in residential and commercial water treatment systems, providing a rated flow of softened water for 24 hours a day without interruption. It features high operating efficiency, easy maintenance and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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