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Jun 7, 2023

15th Shanghai International Water Exhibition

The three-day 15th Shanghai International Water Exhibition concluded successfully on June 7, 2023. This grand event attracted over 3,000 brand enterprises and more than 100,000 visitors to discuss the latest developments and technologies in areas such as sludge disposal, wastewater evaporation, pollution and wastewater equipment, village and town water environment, membrane products, complete sets of membrane equipment, and whole-house/domestic/commercial water purification.

Our company, along with our flexible couplings supplier and filter cartridges supplier, participated in this exhibition. We took this opportunity to showcase our products, provide solutions, answer customers' queries with our professional knowledge and experience, and preliminarily establish intentions for cooperation.

Our sale is introducing our products for customers.

Receive Customers at flexible coupling booth

Our sales are taking photo in front of filter housing booth.

Receive Customer in front of filter housing booth

Our sale taking photo with customers of filter cartridges.

Receive Customers at filter cartridge booth

At the same time, we also visited other booths to learn about the latest technologies and products, understand industry trends, and seek more suitable suppliers in order to provide our customers with a wider range of choices and cost-effective products.

Our sale is discussing technical data with supplier.

Products discussion with suppliers

Our sales are taking photo with valve supplier.

Visit valve booth

Our sale is visiting ion exchange resins booth.

Visit ion exchange resins booth

Our sales are taking photo with membrane supplier.

Visit membrane booth

We are willing to join hands with more suppliers and partners to promote the progress of the water treatment industry, help customers solve water treatment problems, and reduce costs to improve efficiency. We believe that only through cooperation and sharing can we better respond to the challenges and opportunities in the water treatment industry.