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Jun. 21, 2024

2024 Factory Visit – Resin Knowledge Learning

As a professional water treatment equipment supplier, we understand the importance of product quality. To gain a deeper understanding of our products and technologies, and better meet customer needs with high-quality solutions, on June 21, 2024, we visited the manufacturer of resin for a three-day on-site inspection.

Sales team is participating in resin product knowledge training.

Resin product knowledge learning

Sales team is checking the finished resins.

Resin production workshop visit

Sales team and resin manufacturer employees group photo

Sales team and manufacturer employees group photo

To further enhance the team's professional knowledge and market competitiveness, our company organized a series of learning activities for the sales team focused on resin products. These activities included in-depth learning of resin product knowledge, on-site visits to the production process, and in-depth communication with resin manufacturers.

The sales team, through systematic training, comprehensively learned about the basic properties, application fields, and performance advantages of resin products. This training not only helped the sales personnel acquire more professional knowledge but also enhanced their confidence and professionalism in customer communication.

To provide the sales team with a more intuitive understanding of the resin production process, our company specially arranged a on-site visit. Team members entered the production workshop and observed the resin production process and quality control procedures in detail. Through this hands-on learning, our sales personnel gained a deeper understanding of the product, enabling them to better introduce the production background and quality assurance to our customers.

During this event, the sales team also engaged in several in-depth discussions with the resin supplier. They thoroughly discussed technical problems encountered in actual sales and jointly explored the development direction of the resin market. Through this cooperative exchange, the sales team not only solved many practical problems, but also gained valuable market information and technical support. This collaborative exchange not only resolved many practical problems but also provided the sales team with valuable market information and technical support.

Through this learning activity, our sales team's business capabilities and market understanding have significantly improved. Team members expressed that this combination of theory and practice was highly beneficial. In the future, our company will continue to organize similar learning activities, and continuously improving employees' professional skills and market competitiveness, to provide our customers with better products and services.