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Apr. 8, 2024

2024 Liquid Level Switch Product Knowledge Training

To enhance the professional knowledge and skills of our sales team, as well as to better serve our customers and expand our business, we invited the technical director of the liquid level switch supplier to conduct specialized training on liquid level switch products for our sales personnel.

Technicians are conducting liquid level switch application industry training for sales personnel.
Technicians are providing on-site installation knowledge training of liquid level switches for sales personnel.
Technicians are discussing liquid level switches and other products.

Last week, our company successfully held a product knowledge training session themed around liquid level switches. The training was conducted by the Technical Director of our partner company, who provided systematic explanations and answered questions about the professional knowledge of liquid level switches to our sales staff. This training aims to deepen our employees' understanding of liquid level switches, thereby enhancing our company's service capabilities and market competitiveness in the field of automation control.

During the training, the Technical Director, drawing on years of experience in fluid control and monitoring systems, gave a detailed introduction to the principles and applications of float-type, radar, and ultrasonic liquid level switches. Special emphasis was placed on the advantages and applications of each type of liquid level switch in specific environments, such as high temperature and high pressure environments in chemical production, hygiene requirements in food processing, and corrosion resistance requirements in water treatment. Additionally, sales staff interacted with the technical personnel, engaging in in-depth discussions and sharing their experiences and insights on relevant issues with each other.

Through numerous practical examples and interactive Q&A sessions, the sales team members not only deepened their professional understanding of the selection criteria and installation considerations for liquid level switches, but also ensured that our team can provide more precise and reliable product support to our customers. This further enhances our company's competitiveness in the market.

In the future, we plan to continue to promote such training as regular programs to ensure that every employee can keep up with the pace of technological developments and provide our customers with more professional services.