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Nov 18, 2022

Factory Visit to Runxin

Runxin, as a highly-trusted partner, provides us with multi-port control valves of exceptional quality for our water treatment operations. These control valves play an indispensable role in critical processes such as filtration and softening.

In November 2022, our company was invited to attend Runxin's National Distributor Conference. We were fortunate to visit their production factory and engage in deep exchanges with distributors from all over the country.

The group photo of all Runxin national distributors.

Runxin national distributors group photo

The distributors visit the workshop of Runxin.

Runxin workshop visit

Some distributors watch live streaming online.

Live streaming online

Several distributors attend the foundation ceremony.

Foundation ceremony of new factory

During the visit, we witnessed the new look of Runxin's production line and their technological advancements made in 2022. Furthermore, we were profoundly impressed by the efficiency brought about by automated and intelligent production scenarios. We visited Runxin's showroom and saw their new products firsthand, such as the 6 m3/h top-mounted one-in-service-one-standby softening valve F137, automatic lid-opening softener R100U/R150U, Runjing ceramic hard-sealed pulse electric ball valve, and Runjing smart irrigation valve. These new products fully demonstrate Runxin's commitment to innovation and their continuous efforts in exploring new areas and segmented markets.

In addition, we visited the Wenzhou Agricultural Science Research Institute, Wenzhou Shanfu Town Orchard, Wenzhou Liao Seedling Planting Base, Wenzhou Ma'an Pool Park, and Wenzhou Xiushan Park, all of which are application sites for the Runjing Smart Irrigation Valve. Through this visit, we understood the applications of Runjing Smart Irrigation Valve in agricultural field irrigation, municipal garden greening irrigation, and its energy-saving, efficient characteristics, along with the unique technological advantages of Runjing ceramic hard sealing. We deeply felt the changes and new momentum of Runxin over the past year.

On the occasion of the foundation laying ceremony of the new factory, we look forward to Runxin bringing more new products that meet customer requirements and exceed customer expectations. We will also join hands with Runxin to provide better water treatment solutions for more customers.