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Apr 26th, 2023

Shandong International Water Expo 2023

On April 26th, the grand opening of the 25th Shandong International Water Expo took place at the Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition gathered market hotspots, focused on industry frontiers, and shared development trends. Exhibitors and professional audiences from all over the country had in-depth discussions about future development trends, industry hotspots, and new technologies and products in the water industry. Our company team had the honor to participate in this exhibition.

Part of our sales representatives' group photo front of the entrance of expo.

Entrance of Shandong International Water Expo

Water treatment equipment of supplier at the Shandong International Water Expo.

Pre-filter equipment of water treatment

A set of mobile water treatment filter equipment.

Domestic & commercial water treatment module

A set of UF filtration module at the expo.

UF filtration module

Part of our sales representatives' group photo with our supplier.

Group photo in front of the supplier's booth

Part of our sales representatives' group photo front of the entrance of expo.

Group photo in front of the supplier's booth

We paid particular attention to the following aspects:

  • Industry development trends: We aimed to understand the future development trends of the water treatment industry, as well as changes in policies, regulations, and market demands.
  • Innovative technologies and products: We sought and studied some of the latest water treatment technologies, materials, and equipment, which may assist us in recommending more suitable products to our customers.
  • Outstanding suppliers and partners: We interacted with some well-known suppliers and partners in the industry, learning about their latest products and services, and how they can assist us in achieving our company's goals.
  • Customer feedback and market trends: We paid special attention to visitor feedback, their interest in certain products and technologies, and their questions, all of which could reveal market trends and potential opportunities.

In summary, the exhibition provided a lot of valuable information. We will integrate this information into our strategic plan to help us better serve our customers and achieve our business goals.