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Oct 20, 2023

Third Party Inspection for Americas

Recently, the production of fiberglass water tanks for our clients in the Americas has been successfully completed. As a company bearing a high sense of responsibility, we always adhere to strict requirements for products and quality. To ensure that every batch of fiberglass water tanks meets safe and reliable standards, our team partners and clients from the Americas jointly commissioned a third-party organization to conduct rigorous product inspections on the production base of the fiberglass water tanks on October 20, 2023.

The third party agent is inspecting the wrapping technology of FRP tanks.

Company certificate verification

The third party agent is inspecting the wrapping technology of FRP tanks.

Wrapping technology inspection

The third party agent is conducting pressure test.

Fatigue & Burst Test

During the inspection process, the third-party organization used cutting-edge detection equipment and instruments to carry out comprehensive and meticulous inspections on every batch of fiberglass water tank products. These equipments included high-precision weighing instruments, pressure testing devices, and chemical analyzers to ensure that all performance indicators of the products meet the clients' expectations and industry standards.

After a full day of rigorous inspection, the inspection work came to a successful conclusion. The results showed that the fiberglass water tank products for our clients in the Americas fully complied with client expectations and industry standards, with no quality issues or flaws. This achievement not only fully proves the reliability of our production process and product quality but also adds new guarantees for corporate reputation and customer satisfaction.

In future development, we will continue to maintain rigorous control over product quality and continually improve production processes and management levels. At the same time, we look forward to establishing long-term cooperative relationships with more partners to jointly promote the continuous development and prosperity of the fiberglass water tank market. We firmly believe that through continuous efforts and innovation, we will be able to provide clients with higher quality products and services, and create a better future together.