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Oct 10, 2021

Snowate in Watetech China Exhibition 2021

As a vibrant, rapidly developing emerging water treatment accessory supplier, Snowate are delighted to announce our recent participation in the Watertech China held in Beijing on October 10, 2021. This exhibition allowed us to see the tremendous potential in the field of water treatment and establish our determination to provide higher quality products and services for the water treatment industry. It also provided us an opportunity to engage in deep exchanges with professionals in the same industry.

The entrance of watertech China 2021.

Watertech China (Beijing) 2021 Entrance

Our team is leaning the water treatment design solution during exhibition.

Learn water treatment solutions

The sales is communicating with intake screen supplier of water treatment.

Communicating with supplier of water treatment parts

The sale is communicating with water treatment equipment supplier.

Communicating with supplier of water treatment equipment

During the exhibition, we listened carefully to the on-site design solutions to water treatment, learned detailed technical parameters and use scenarios of water treatment environmental protection equipment and its parts. Through the learning and accumulation during the exhibition, we have a deeper understanding of the water treatment industry and also enhanced our understanding of various water treatment accessories.

In addition, we also found multiple product suppliers worthy of cooperation. The value of Snowate lies in providing customers with the best water treatment parts and the best water treatment solutions, which of course cannot be separated from product suppliers with excellent quality and complete technical support. Through mutual understanding, we have established preliminary cooperation intentions, and we will conduct field inspections and product testing after the exhibition, and then include them in the product supplier list.

Our participation in this exhibition further proves the importance of our choice of the water treatment industry. We thank all suppliers who have provided technical support and answered questions, as well as partners who have put forward more needs and opinions. We look forward to contributing to solving global water treatment problems together with more partners and customers in the future.

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