FRP Membrane Housing VS Stainless Steel Membrane Housing


FRP membrane housing and stainless steel membrane housing are often used in reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration systems and seawater desalinization systems to support the membrane elements and effectively prevent membrane elements from leakage. Here, we'd like to compare FRP membrane housing and stainless steel membrane housing from the following aspects.

- FRP Membrane Housing Stainless Steel Membrane Housing
Manufacturing Process Made of epoxy resin and fiber materials after special processing by automatic winding molding through computer control Made of SUS304 and SUS306 after mechanical polishing, sandblasting or brushing.
End Cap Material Made of space aluminum or PP and is secured with a stopper or blocker Made of ABS or stainless steel and is divided into clamp type, flange type and built-i type by seal type
Housing Appearance All-in-one molding Seam type and seamless type.
The seam type is only suitable for 4" membranes and seamless time is all-in-one molding and suitable for membranes in all sizes.