Empty the Air Inside When the Stainless Steel Membrane Housing Installation Finished

Installation & Precautions
The worker is applying lubricant on the end plate of the membrane housing.
Step 1

Take out all installation parts. Lubricate the end plate seals and the inner surface of the housing to ensure the plug can be pushed into the housing smoothly;

The worker connects the membrane housing end plate with RO membrane.
Step 2

Install the membrane element. Attach the inflow head to the end of the membrane element and push it all the way. Lubricate the membrane element seals and put the water purification connector in the middle of the membrane element. If the gab between the other end cap and the membrane element is too large, eliminate the gap with gasket and then fix the end cap;

The worker is fixing the bolts.
Step 3

Put the crescent fixing rings into the housing grooves and fix them with fastening screws;

Fix the RO membrane element on the equipment.
Step 4

Secure the membrane housing to the equipment racks horizontally with saddles and strips. Check if all fasteners are tightened.


  • Lubricate seals properly to prevent the seals being damaged when pushing the end cap into the housing;
  • When all installation steps are completed, pressurize the membrane components with a high pressure pump to empty the air in the housing. Stop the pump when the air is completely discharged. Repeated the step for several times to make the seals stretch properly.