Nearly colorless strong base anion resins are placed in a glass tray.

Strong Base Anion Resins – Colorless to Yellowish Beads

Strong base anion resins contain weak acid functional group like quaternary amino group (-NR3OH, where R is a hydrocarbon group), dissociate OH ions in solution and appear strong base property. The backbone is styrene series and has gel type & macroporous type strong base anion resins.

  • Features
  • Resins are colorless to yellowish beads.
  • Styrene series strong base anion resins are mainly used in pure water and high purity water preparation, sugar solution decolorization, wastewater treatment, radioactive element extraction, etc.
  • There are styrene series gel and macroporous strong base anion resins for your option.
  • It has great mechanical and chemical stability and will not be affected by pH value.

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