Brownish strong acid cation resins in a transparent tray

Weak Acid Cation Resins Often Works with Cation Exchange Resins

Weak acid cation resins contain weak acid functional groups like carboxylic acid group (-COOH), easy to dissociate H+ in solution and appear weak acid property. The backbone is styrene series and has gel type & macroporous type weak acid cation resins.

They have a high affinity for H+ ions, easy to regenerate, large exchange capacity, generally contact with organic weak acid and obtain the regeneration of weak acid cation resins.

  • Features
  • Arcrylic acid series weak acid cation exchange resins are widely used in water treatment, electroplating and wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
  • There are arcrylic acid series gel and macroporous strong acid cation exchange resins for your option.
  • It has great physical and chemical properties and is effective for solutions with a pH value ranging from 5 to 14.

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