Yellowish to yellow opaque beads are placed in a glass tray.

Weak Base Anion Resins – Gel Type & Macroporous Type

Weak base anion resins contain weak base functional groups, such as primary amine group (-NH2), secondary amine group (-NRH), tertiary amine group (-NRR), dissociate OH ion in water and appear weak base property. The backbones are acrylic acid series and styrene series and has gel type & macroporous type weak base anion resins.

  • Features
  • Styrene series weak base resins are yellowish or milky white beads while acrylic series weak base resins are milky white or yellow beads;
  • Weak base anion resins are mainly used in purification, ash removal and decolorization of sugar solution, pure water preparation, pharmaceutical extraction, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
  • There are gel type & macroporous type weak base anion resins for your option.

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