How to Conduct UV water sterilizer Maintain and Care?

A UV water sterilizer in running

UV water sterilizers are mainly used in water treatment. To ensure their normal operation, we need to do a good job in their maintenance. Here are some maintenance tips for UV water sterilizer, you can perform UV water sterilizer maintenance and care from the following aspects.

  • The optimal conditions for using ultraviolet sterilizers are:
    • Water temperature: 5 °C – 50 °C
    • Relative humidity: No more than 93% (at a temperature of 25 °C)
    • Voltage: 220±10 V 50 Hz
    • Transmittance: 95%–100% (1 cm)
  • After continuous use for more than one year, the built-in quartz sleeve should be cleaned once, and it is recommended to replace the quartz sleeve once every three years to ensure better sterilization effects.
  • Please do not frequently turn the lamp on and off to avoid affecting the lifespan of the UV lamp.
  • Regularly check to ensure the normal operation of the UV lamp. The UV lamp should remain on continuously; repeatedly turning it on and off will severely affect the lamp's lifespan.
  • Disassembly of the quartz sleeve: Turn off the power, remove the silicone caps on both sides of the device, remove the lamp, unscrew the end caps, take out the O-ring inside the water seal seat, and then slowly remove the quartz tube.
  • Regular cleaning: Depending on the water quality, the UV lamp and quartz glass sleeve need to be cleaned regularly. Use an alcohol cotton ball or gauze to wipe the lamp, remove dirt from the quartz glass sleeve and clean it, to avoid affecting the ultraviolet transmittance and the sterilization effect.
  • Do not touch the surface of the quartz tube with your hands when installing the quartz sleeve, to avoid contamination affecting its use.
  • Replacing the lamp: Imported lamps should be replaced after 9000 hours of continuous use, or after one year, to ensure a high sterilization rate. When replacing the lamp, first unplug the lamp's power socket, pull out the old lamp, then carefully insert the cleaned new lamp into the sterilizer, fit the sealing ring, check for any leaks, and then plug in the power. Be careful not to touch the new lamp's quartz glass with your fingers, as fingerprints can affect the sterilization effect.
  • Pay attention to waterproofing and moisture-proofing the electronic control part of the sterilizer to avoid affecting the lifespan of the UV lamp.