4 kinds of UV water sterilizer spare parts

UV Water Sterilizer Spare Parts Facilitate Your UV Water Sterilization Installation and Uses

UV water sterilizer spare parts are used to ensure the normal operation and safety of the UV water sterilizer, including fixation, connection, protection, and monitoring functions.

Fixation function. Accessories such as nuts and brackets are used to fix UV lamps and other components to ensure that they are securely installed in the proper position.

Connection function. High-temperature wires, output wires, and power cables are used to connect the UV lamps to the power supply and transfer electrical energy to lamps to generate UV radiation.

Protection function. Spare parts such as gland caps and springs are used to protect the UV lamps from physical damage and external contamination, thus extending their service life.

Monitoring function. Bolts and UV sensors are used to monitor the operational status of the UV water sterilizer. Bolts connect to the control system, providing real-time monitoring and control functions; UV sensors are used to measure the intensity of UV radiation to ensure it is within a safe and effective range.

  • Specifications
  • Installation Diagram
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A lengthened nut

Lengthened Nut

  • Aluminum or stainless steel material
  • Connect with water-proof lamp holder
An open nut

Open Nut

  • Aluminum or stainless steel material
A hex nut

Hex Nut

  • Aluminum material
  • Plated by chrome,easy tightening
A closed nut

Closed Nut

  • Aluminum or stainless steel material
A food grade O-ring

Food grade O-Ring

  • Silcone material, safe food-grade
A FKM O-ring

FKM O-Ring

  • FKM material, FDA approved
3 plastic brackets

Plastic Bracket

  • Plastic material
  • Economical maintenance
  • Flexible assembly
A SUS304 bracket

SUS304 Bracket

  • 304 SS or 316L SS material
  • Rust resistance
  • Solid installation
An aluminum bracket

Aluminum Bracket

  • Aluminum material
  • Economical maintenance
  • High precision processing
A rubber covered clip

Rubber Covered Clip

  • Plastic material
  • Soft rubber damping with buckle design
An aluminum clip

Aluminum Clip

  • Aluminium material
  • Extruded for a refined appearance
  • Flexible assembly, and reliable installation
A movable clamp

Movable Clamp

  • SUS304 material
  • Flexible assembly, and welding free
A 4-core output cable

4-Core Output Cable

  • Optional G10Q or G5 or G13 lamp holder
A high temperature wire

High Temperature Wire

  • Telfon material
A power cable

Power Cable

  • Plug optional
A gland cap

Gland cap

  • Plastic material
  • Waterproof connector
A bolt


  • Copper material
  • G1/2 male thread
A UV sensor

UV Sensor

  • G1/2 male thread
A quick connect flow switch

Quick Connect Flow Switch

  • 1/4"or 3/8" quick connect
A flow switch

Flow Switch

  • Brass material
  • 1/2 or 3/4 thread
A lamp protection spring

Lamp Protection Spring

  • SS 304 material
  • Buffering function, keep UV lamp and quartz tube intacted
Installation Diagram
  1. Unscrew the nuts located at both ends of the steel pipe.
  2. Gently slide the quartz glass tube into the steel pipe. Once the quartz tube extends past the steel pipe, place the O-ring before reattaching and tightening the nuts at both ends by hand. Avoid using tools to prevent damage to the quartz tube.
  3. In case of a vertical installation, ensure the setup follows a low water inlet and high water outlet pattern to decrease the flow rate and enhance the UV irradiation effectiveness.
  4. If the water flow rate exceeds the recommended limit, install a flow restrictor.
  5. If the raw water has high turbidity, it can hinder UV light penetration and reduce sterilization efficiency. We recommend fitting a pre-filter to address this issue.
  6. Connect one end of the water source to either the inlet or outlet port, and attach the other end to the intended point of use. Perform a leak check before inserting the UV lamp. Upon ensuring all connections are secure and functioning properly, insert the UV lamp and plug in the power cord.
  7. After connecting to the power supply, refrain from removing the lamp tube and under no circumstances should you look directly at the UV lamp with your naked eye.
  8. If integrating with a normally closed solenoid valve, install it at the water inlet.
  9. Before installing the quartz tube and UV lamp, make sure to thoroughly clean them to prevent any impact on the irradiation intensity.
UV water sterilization installation diagram with detailed labels

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